HAUS Application

Houston Access to Urban Sustainabilty Project

  • The undersigned hereby makes an application to rent a bedroom at the Houston Access to Urban Sustainability Project. Please complete the following form and submit! All information contained in this application is confidential to HAUS Membership Coordinators and the Board of Directors and will not be shared with the membership at-large.
  • Personal Information

  • Rental History

  • Credit History

  • Employment

  • Financial Information

  • Personal Habits (These are not weighted in the application process)

  • Emergency Contact

  • Rosalie HAUS is a historic building that, after flooding and other major damage, has been rebuilt with environmentally sound principles. Great care has been taken to transform the entire site through sustainable measures including extensive use of reclaimed materials, a properly sized and zoned air conditioning system, a rainwater collection system that feeds the toilets and washing machines, spray foam insulation, and a solar hot water heating system.

    Ruth HAUS is a very old building that continues to provide lower carbon lifestyle options for those wanting to live in an urban setting connected easily to jobs, schools, and other opportunities. Like Rosalie HAUS, It has been upgraded to boast highly efficient air conditioning systems, remodeled with largely reused and reclaimed materials, a grey water system, and high R value, air tight insulation, all designed to lower ones footprint on a daily basis without even noticing.

    In addition to the energy efficiency built into the houses, HAUS has a notably lower per capita energy use than an average household due to the communal living and cooperative nature of the house. The low carbon lifestyle of members comes from communal meals that are seasonally grown and vegetarian, having fewer major appliances (such as no dishwasher), clothes lines and car pooling, for example.

    The houses are also planned to reduce various other environmental costs compared the average Houstonian. Bicycling will be an important component of HAUS culture. The houses are located centrally in the Midtown/Museum District and though they are about ten blocks from a current light rail stop, there are plans for future light rail stops much closer. They are surrounded by frequent bus lines, giving residents both access to a high density of walkable services as well as a premium transit connection. A car free life is a serious possibility for residents of HAUS.


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