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Former HAUSmate Gives Rosalie Big Blog Love

This is a blog entry from Michelle, who just returned to her home in England. If this isn’t the best testimonial for the advantages of cooperative living, I don’t know what is. Michelle certainly isn’t unaware of the occasional pitfalls of … Continue reading

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Associate Membership, Anyone?

Last month, we posted an item about impending vacancies at uRth HAUS. Those have been filled. Actually, one of them never became a vacancy. As of this writing, we have two full houses. But we are still looking for some … Continue reading

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Loft Now, Shire Next Month

By the end of February, a room will be available on third floor of uRth HAUS. This is the amazing Loft Room, which is not large but features an elevated platform for storage, sleeping, or a guest bed. Rent for … Continue reading

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Metro Reimagines Rosalie & uRth!

HAUS Project members can ride their bicycles the 1.1 miles from one house to the other. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s dangerous to ride on Almeda Road, which some motorists see as a drag strip with traffic lights on it. Also, … Continue reading

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uRth Turnover: More Women, More Diversity

Co-op life poses challenges every single day. Several HAUS members and alumni recently attended annual NASCO conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which included workshops on strategies to handle those challenges. It’s not easy to live in close proximity with so many … Continue reading

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Upper Luna Available

Officially as of November 2014, uRth HAUS’s upper carriage house loft will be available for move-in. The current rent is $633, going up to $651 for 2015. It’s ideal for someone not bringing a lot of stuff—i.e., it’s small, but several … Continue reading

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Co-Op Tetris

Ahoy there. This is Dave, membership coordinator for uRth HAUS. An applicant from a few months ago pointed out to me recently that there has been no update on this site’s News section since mid-June. A lot has happened since then. … Continue reading

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Vacancies in July, August, and September

Honestly, it’s not because this co-op isn’t a great place to live, or that the people aren’t great housemates. Other opportunities come along—work, travel, love, family—and, being somewhat nomadic by disposition, we follow those opportunities. Within a couple of months, … Continue reading

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Vacancy Update

We have filled the fourth-floor rooms advertised in the last posting here. We still have the third-floor room available at $618 a month, and by mid-June the upper carriage house loft should be available at $633. Rent includes groceries & … Continue reading

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More Membership Opportunities at uRth HAUS

Vacancy #1: Third floor “bass room,” $618 a month. We call it the bass room because when we were in the process of purchasing the house, the current tenants were keeping a double bass in it, along with a lot of … Continue reading

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