Co-op Life

Grubba Dub Dub

All rooms in the HAUS Project are all bills paid, and when we say all bills paid, we mean it. Not only are all utilities and internet taken care of with our rent here, but we also allocate house funds for a whole host of things including kitchen appliances, toilet paper, furniture, laundry facilities and, possibly the most exciting part, Groceries! And we really like to eat. Really. We have family style vegetarian sit-down dinners (remember those?) at both HAUSes every Sunday – Thursday at 7pm, trading off every Sunday for a big, potluck style gathering of both HAUSes. Aside from the food used in those dinners, the kitchens are kept stocked at all times for breakfast, lunch and dinner by our wonderful Kitchen Managers.

Labor of love

Speaking of our Kitchen Managers, a key component of the HAUS is the labor system. This is an incredibly important part of being able to live with ten or fifteen people and still like each other. Every member of the house contributes about five hours of labor to the house per week. Labor is everything from keeping the kitchens stocked to cleaning the bathrooms to cooking one of our five weekly vegetarian dinners to doing maintenance around the house, gardening, collecting rent, etc.  Aside from being a pretty serious faux-pas, unfinished labor is fined and added to your rent!

The Luv Board at RosalieHAUS

In addition to weekly labor, the HAUS members all get together around once a quarter for a labor holiday where we tackle bigger projects like building beautiful brick walkways, refinishing a floor or room, and cleaning out the garage. Again.


Community Building

As a haus, we strive to be a place that is inclusive, fun, respectful, and silly! We sometimes have social nights together, we sometimes clean together, and we even occasionally have movie nights as a house. We always enjoy new members who are excited about spending time with the group and who are interested in building a fun communal space together!

If there are conflicts in the house, we try to do our best to solve problems. We have many officer positions in each Haus, one of which is a Trustee who handles conflicts that members can talk to if needed.

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