Rosalie Haus Has Openings!

Several members of Rosalie Haus have had life changes recently and we now have four openings! Ranging from $677-$809/mo, we have 2 small rooms, one medium room, and one large room with private bath. The two small rooms are immediately available, the medium room will be available around 10/7, and the large room will available when post-Harvey renovations are complete, estimated to be at the beginning of November.

If you’re interested, send an email to or submit an application at We currently have dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7pm and we’d love to meet you!

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We are looking for new members!!!

Hello all!

uRth Haus has some exciting new openings ranging between $715-$774/month (includes food and utilities). We’ve been having a lot of chill time as a house. Currently, a few members are cooking some food, some are watching a scary movie (at 3:47pm on a Saturday… personally, I DON’T understand why you would do that to yourself) and I’m doing some research for some maintenance things around the house.


We would love to have you over for dinner to meet us! We are very friendly people, kinda quirky, very chill, and we all come from vastly different backgrounds!

With love,

Marissa Ramos

uRth Haus Member Co-Coordinator

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Opening at uRth Haus plus updates!


Hello friends!

Currently, we have an opening at uRth. The open room $787/ month which includes rent, food, and utilities for the month! Apply today or email us!

uRth has been having a lot of fun recently. We had an “uRthsgiving” potluck party with Rosalie and friends which was a great success! Also, two Sagittarius members had birthdays very close together, and we had a get-together at the house followed by going out to Arlo’s! (Side note: Sagittarius + party = perfection)

We would love for anyone interested to come to our house Monday-Wednesday night at 7 for dinner to meet our community and come hang out! More haus pictures coming soon.


With love and cooperation,

Marissa Ramos

Member Co-Coordinator and Board Representative

uRth Haus Cooperative

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Former HAUSmate Gives Rosalie Big Blog Love

This is a blog entry from Michelle, who just returned to her home in England. If this isn’t the best testimonial for the advantages of cooperative living, I don’t know what is. Michelle certainly isn’t unaware of the occasional pitfalls of living with other human beings and their sundry quirks. But far more importantly she knows that she is loved, appreciated, and sorely missed. She’s certainly not the only one, but she has written about the experience in words that touch the soul.

Michelle knows now, if she didn’t before, that people with a common purpose, even from different continents and economic strata, will bond in unexpected ways, on unexpected levels. She also knows that she will always have a home in H-Town.

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Associate Membership, Anyone?

Last month, we posted an item about impending vacancies at uRth HAUS. Those have been filled. Actually, one of them never became a vacancy. As of this writing, we have two full houses. But we are still looking for some associate members.

The Associate Membership program has never become as popular as we envisioned. For the most part, people want to live with us or just be our non-resident friends. So at the HAUS Project Annual General Meeting at Sky Farm on 28 February, some HAUSers put their heads together and came up with some tentative plans for revising the program.

Most of us at HAUS Project still think that Associate Membership is a helluva deal. However, we understand that not everyone can pay $100 a month and contribute 4-5 hours of labor every week, as we currently request. Some can do more labor, others can pay more money. (Residential members commit to about five hours per week in addition to their monthly rent.) We’re looking to establish a sliding scale, perhaps from $150 and no labor obligation down to $50 and 10 hours. Whichever formula they select, Associates would still have access to our kitchen and laundry facilities.

Standard labor would include one two-hour kitchen shift, either cooking or cleaning, plus at least one other responsibility: housekeeping, groundskeeping, gardening, maintenance, grocery shopping, or recycling.

We have not formally adopted a proposal yet. If you are interested in the program and can commit either the time or the money but not both, join us for dinner, and we’ll talk. Just send a message to to begin your co-op odyssey.

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Loft Now, Shire Next Month

By the end of February, a room will be available on third floor of uRth HAUS. This is the amazing Loft Room, which is not large but features an elevated platform for storage, sleeping, or a guest bed. Rent for this room is $731 a month, groceries and utilities included as usual.

There will be an additional vacancy at the end of March/beginning of April, possibly sooner. We don’t know which room will be available, but most likely a fourth-floor (“Shire”) room, with monthly rent in the vicinity of $500. You do not have to be a hobbit, or even look like one, to live in the Shire, but not having a lot of stuff helps.

If you haven’t already applied for HAUS Membership, please consult the Membership page and fill out the online application.

If you have already applied, contact uRth’s Membership Coordinator David Collins via email.

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Metro Reimagines Rosalie & uRth!

HAUS Project members can ride their bicycles the 1.1 miles from one house to the other. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s dangerous to ride on Almeda Road, which some motorists see as a drag strip with traffic lights on it. Also, not all HAUS Project members are avid cyclists, and Houston’s weather can daunt even the most intrepid among us. Because sustainability is part of our mission, and some of us don’t even own motor vehicles, if we can’t bike it, we carpool.

True, it has already been possible for quite some time to ride the 11 Almeda/Nance bus from one HAUS house to the other. The ride takes about five minutes and costs $1.25 each way—not too steep, but hardly worth it to go a mile. There is a bit of walking at the Rosalie end: Rosalites need to walk four blocks over to Fannin Street to catch the southbound bus to Wheeler Avenue or Blodgett Street. Northbound uRthlings walk a little less after they get off at San Jacinto and Elgin or Tuam.

Also, the bus comes every 50 minutes on Sundays, when members of houses dine together and the houses take turns hosting dinner. If you’re a minute late for the bus, you must be prepared to wait 50, and you can walk there in 20.

As of August 2015, however, the redesigned 11 Almeda/Lyons bus will travel past Rosalie HAUS on LaBranch (southbound) or Crawford (northbound), the streets at either end of the block.

More importantly, service will be more frequent, especially on weekends. The new route will run buses no more than 30 minutes apart (edit: between Fannin South Station and its northeastern terminus at 610 & Gellhorn).

Just last week, the almighty Houston Metro Board of Directors approved the Transit Reimagining route plan. Shepherded by Board member and wonk extraordinaire Christof Spieler, this new plan has been two years in the making. The process of implementing this plan included: Continue reading

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uRth Turnover: More Women, More Diversity

Co-op life poses challenges every single day. Several HAUS members and alumni recently attended annual NASCO conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which included workshops on strategies to handle those challenges.

It’s not easy to live in close proximity with so many individuals, all with their own talents and personalities (and quirks). It can get more difficult when members depart and new members take their places. In addition to missing housemates’ presence to which one has become accustomed, getting used to new sets of talents and personalities can be disconcerting. If it’s hard for those who already live there, imagine what it’s like for those just moving in: a major adjustment for those who have not previously dwelt in a co-op.

In the next week or so, uRth HAUS will say goodbye to three resident members. We also bade farewell to a member in October. (At least one of the four may stay on as an associate member.) All of their positions have been filled, but finding replacements is only part of the job. When multiple turnover happens, the task of matching the new members with rooms and chores is one of the bigger challenges. We have posted previously about this real-world form of “Tetris.” Continue reading

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Upper Luna Available

Officially as of November 2014, uRth HAUS’s upper carriage house loft will be available for move-in. The current rent is $633, going up to $651 for 2015. It’s ideal for someone not bringing a lot of stuff—i.e., it’s small, but several residents have made themselves comfortable in it. There is a full bathroom in the carriage house, aka Luna House. Lower Luna has one human and one feline occupant, both excellent neighbors.

Apply here if interested.

Sunday Streets Comes to Museum Park!

Also of note: HAUS Project will be participating in the Third Ward/Museum Park edition of Sunday Streets on 2 November 2014, between noon and 4 pm. The event spans about 20 blocks of the old Third Ward commercial district: Dowling Street between Elgin and Alabama, Alabama Street between Dowling and Almeda, and Almeda Road between Alabama and Arbor Place. We will probably be hosting games involving a parachute, but uRth HAUS, on Ruth Street just east of Almeda, will also have a yard sale. Bargains galore! See you on the Streets next Sunday!

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Co-Op Tetris

Ahoy there. This is Dave, membership coordinator for uRth HAUS. An applicant from a few months ago pointed out to me recently that there has been no update on this site’s News section since mid-June. A lot has happened since then. I’m not going into all the details here, but below is the main thrust.

We do not have three vacancies at this time. In fact, we really have only one. Due to a fact of co-op life sometimes referred to as “Room Tetris,” I can’t even tell you with certainty which room is vacant. By the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester in late August, it will likely be a different room from the one we currently have empty.

Room Tetris is interesting, but it gets far more complicated when Labor Tetris is introduced. As members leave and new members replace them, the weekly labor schedule has to be modified to reflect the talents and availability of the members on hand. Because several members have recently taken opportunities to leave the city and even the country, turnover has become more rapid—kind of like a Tetris game.

In addition to members departing, we have had several members take off on summer travel, in some cases subletting their rooms for a few weeks. Sublessees and long-term guests are also expected to contribute to weekly labor. Organizing that adds some spice to the Tetris, too.

The constancy of change is also reflected in uRth’s garden. What grows where and what is ready for harvesting changes almost weekly. It’s another bumper-crop summer for okra, with several healthy plants producing that versatile veggie. Melons and chilis are on the way, and of course there’s usually kale ready to cut. Our two big citrus trees have lots of fruit on them, but the fruit steadfastly refuses to turn from green to yellow or orange.

We do have applicants for the as-yet-unnamed vacant room, but that should not discourage any of you from applying for membership here. If you have applied in the past, and some of your information has changed, it might be a good idea to apply again. In particular, if your address, employer, or income has changed since last application, and you are seriously interested in becoming a HAUS Project member or associate, by all means apply.

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