Vacancies in July, August, and September

Honestly, it’s not because this co-op isn’t a great place to live, or that the people aren’t great housemates. Other opportunities come along—work, travel, love, family—and, being somewhat nomadic by disposition, we follow those opportunities. Within a couple of months, only four of the original fifteen uRth HAUS members will be living there.

All the monthly rents quoted below include utilities and HAUS groceries. They will also increase by approximately 3% at the beginning of 2015. All members, including associate members, must also fulfill the weekly labor requirements to keep the place livable for sixteen residents and their guests.

Sorry, no photos on this post; we’ll try to get some up later. Photos don’t really do these rooms justice anyway; you’re much better off seeing them in person.

Before applying, please consider whether you would like to commit to at least one year. After you have met the HAUS members a couple of times, decide not just whether you can live with them, but whether you would enjoy living and dining and laboring with them for twelve months. In our three-plus years as a co-op, we have not enforced our one-year contracts, because there have always been applicants willing and waiting to replace members who depart. However, the constant moving in & out makes it very difficult to maintain labor schedules, so it adds a lot of work for the Membership Coordinator and the Labor Tsar, who at uRth HAUS happen to be the same person.

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June Vacancy Updates at Rosalie

Thanks to everyone’s interest and engagement regarding the vacancy Rosalie HAUS for June 2014. As of this time, we have filled all rooms in the HAUS.

However, if you still would like to learn more about Rosalie (or Ruth), consider stopping by for dinner. We look forward to meeting like-minded people and are always looking for potential Associate Members. Email rosalie AT hausproject DOT org to schedule a time to come by. We offer dinner Sunday through Thursday, around 7pm.

Want to know more about Associate Membership positions? Follow this link: and scroll halfway down the page.



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Rosalie HAUS Vacancy opening June 2014

Beginning June 1st, Rosalie HAUS (1505 Rosalie) will have one (1) vacancy to fill.

Come on by for dinner Sunday through Thursday nights to check out the house and the room.
Send a message to to let us know when you’re coming.

At this time, we have several applicants for the open space (room #6); we are processing and approving applicants in chronological order, but it comes down to whether you fulfill all the requirements first: apply online, attend two house functions, and meet with the approval of all members.

The current room is available on the second floor, main house. Rent is $621/month. The room has one window facing West, is about 350 sq. ft. and has a medium sized closet.

This is a great space and ideal for younger professionals, graduate and some undergraduate students, among other newcomers to Houston or Co-op familiarites. Rosalie affords a great opportunity to live near the medical district and Downtown, travel with sustainable ease, garden and home-grow foods in view of the city’s skyline, and grow with a number of green-minded and positive people.

We would like to fill this space quickly but will regard all applicants by the order in which we have received submitted forms.

Thanks & HAUS <3!

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Vacancy Update

We have filled the fourth-floor rooms advertised in the last posting here. We still have the third-floor room available at $618 a month, and by mid-June the upper carriage house loft should be available at $633. Rent includes groceries & utilities.
Four associate memberships are also still available for those who have their own place but want to eat our yummy dinners and use our laundry equipment. A one-time $50 membership fee plus $100 a month gets you the whole banana. We expect there will be some turnover in membership time for the next academic year, and an associate membership converts to full membership pretty easily, hint-hint.

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More Membership Opportunities at uRth HAUS

Vacancy #1: Third floor “bass room,” $618 a month. We call it the bass room because when we were in the process of purchasing the house, the current tenants were keeping a double bass in it, along with a lot of random stuff.

Vacancy #2: Fourth floor tiny room, $463 a month. We had a new member move into it in mid-April, but he is interested in switching to the second-floor Window Room that will be vacant in a few weeks, thus leaving this little gem open.

Sublet: The other fourth floor tiny room, $463 a month. One of our members will be traveling during the summer, and possibly moving our completely in the fall, so it may turn into full membership.

The two tiny rooms have a common space between them, useful for storing stuff that doesn’t fit in the bedrooms. They also have closets and a small vanity. Full bathrooms are available on the third and second floors.

Don’t forget that we have Associate Memberships available. These are $100 a month, plus the non-refundable $50 membership fee.

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The HAUS Committee on Bandcamp

One of the frequently gratifying (and occasionally just grating) aspects of HAUS Co-op living is the live music. What hasn’t been done much until recently is recording a jam session at uRth HAUS.

Check out what a few HAUS members and one Sunday dinner guest cranked out on 23 March 2014. They decided to call themselves The Committee. You may detect a theme in the song titles. Also, we’re told that Ryan’s soulful mustache has already left the band due to creative differences.

Thanks for recording and posting this, Iñigo!

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FouRth Floor Room Available Soon

Yes, the capital R above in FouRth is intentional, because it has uRth in it.

One of our tiny attic rooms (aka The Shire) will be available for a new or returning member after this coming weekend.  The room is large enough for a mattress and a small dresser or bedside table. It’s excellent cheap digs if you don’t bring a lot of stuff with you.

The Shire also has a somewhat larger common area between the two rooms, along with closets and a shared sink.  The nearest bathrooms are on the third floor.

Rent for this room is $465 per month, all-inclusive. You can start the application process by reading and digesting the Membership page, then completing the online form.

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International Boarding Plan

With great pride and pleasure, uRth HAUS announces a new plan to host internationals moving to Houston for work or study. Individuals from outside the United States may stay at uRth up to three weeks while seeking longer-term housing.

Just $200 entitles boarders to the 21-day stay, including food and utilities. Beyond the search for housing, this will allow visitors to take care of necessary business such as establishing a local bank account and obtaining mobile phone service.

Here is the complete list of details on this program.

Space is not guaranteed! If someone is already boarding during the time you plan to visit, we cannot take on another boarder. Also, the ground floor room is not the most luxurious, but it does provide some privacy. HAUS members know to observe quiet hours between 11 pm and 8 am on weeknights.

This program is currently available only at uRth HAUS, not at Rosalie.

Anyone wishing to participate in this program must apply via the HAUS Project website. Please follow these specific instructions when applying:

  • In the Additional Information section, mention that you are applying for the uRth International Boarding Plan.
  • List the date you hope to arrive.
  • In that same section, include some basic information about yourself, including where you are coming from, what you would be doing in Houston, what languages you speak, hobbies, and habits.
  • Also include the URLs of your Couchsurfing profile and any social networking pages or blogs you maintain. Applicants must have at least three positive references on
  • Accept the conditions about attending two HAUS dinners and paying a $350 deposit, even though participants in this program will not be required to do either before staying at uRth HAUS.

Once the application is submitted, the membership coordinator will consider it and provide a response as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving applications.

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Two—er, I Mean One Opening at uRth

UPDATE: uRth HAUS appears to have concluded a trade with Rosalie HAUS. One uRth member moved to Rosalie at the beginning of March, and one Rosalite (a Playa 2B Named Later) will be taking over his old room at the beginning of April. That leaves one vacancy at each HAUS.


Two of our original members are officially moving out this weekend, one of them taking over a vacant spot at Rosalie HAUS.

The two-closet room on the second floor rents for $721 a month; the third-floor middle “game room,” (no longer available—dbc, 14 March 2014) for $574. As always, that includes groceries and utilities. The initial deposit for residency is $350, plus the co-op membership fee of $50.

uRth also has openings for four associate members. $100 a month, plus a one-time $50 membership fee, gets you access to the kitchen and laundry facilities.

If you’re interested in resident or associate membership, start with the online application. Read about what membership entails here.

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Neighborhood Carnevale, Saturday 1 March

uRth HAUS announces a community event to be held on Saturday 1 March at 3 pm: Our first ever Carnevale House Tour and Procession.

The plan is to invite neighbors from all over Museum Park to visit and tour the house between 3 and 6 pm. Two of our members will announce the event at the 5 February meeting of the Museum Park Neighborhood Association.

It will be a family-friendly event, with snacks and beverages, sustainable Mardi Gras throws (i.e., something other than cheap plastic beads), and a family parade around the surrounding blocks. In addition, guests can learn about the cooperative housing movement, sustainable living, urbanism, and other items of interest to HAUS members.

Visitors from outside Museum Park are also welcome to stop by. The Museum Park super-neighborhood is bounded roughly by US-59 to the north, TX-288 to the east, Hermann Park to the south, and the Main Street corridor to the west.

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