Rosalie HAUS

RosalieHAUS - established January 2010

RosalieHAUS – established January 2010

How it works at Rosalie HAUS:

Each member of the HAUS contributes their monthly rent as well as 5 hours of weekly HAUS labor. In exchange, the member has access to a room as well as all of the common space in the house including but not limited to: 5 bathrooms (one is private), kitchen, living/dining rooms, garage, garden, etc. The rent is also inclusive of all utilities and groceries as well as multiple funds that the house budgets and manages (capital improvements, appliance purchases, vacancy reserve, rainy day, etc).

The house is run democratically via biweekly meetings where we make proposals and vote to make decisions about day to day operations in the house, as well as more long term planning. Outside of meetings, we frequently conduct house business and votes via e-mail.

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