RuthHAUS – established October 2012

We’ve birthed a new HAUS! We’re proud to announce that in October 2012 we moved into our second co-op at 1917 Ruth Street!

uRth Haus is a 1923 Tudor estate house that continues to provide lower carbon lifestyle options for those wanting to live in an urban setting connected easily to jobs, schools, and other opportunities. It has many of the design features that made life in Houston possible before central air conditioning: e.g., twelve-foot-high ceilings on the ground floor, windows that provide cross-ventilation, thick exterior walls. It has been upgraded to boast highly efficient air conditioning systems, as well as remodeled with largely reused and reclaimed materials. The high-R-value, air-tight insulation helps keep the carbon footprint small on a daily basis.

Food: The members share three to four communal, vegetarian dinners each week, centered around locally grown, seasonal produce. The back yard provides ample space for growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees.

Transportation: Residents reduce the number of car trips by bicycling or riding Metro to work, for errands, and to entertainment when possible.

Community: uRth Haus is a very diverse community with members from many different backgrounds. We are accepting and affirming of all races, ethnicities, ages (above 21), gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, etc. We are a community that is open and mindful about inclusive language and inclusive practices.

Location: Thanks in part to the location, a car-free life is a serious possibility for residents of the house. The house stands just east of Almeda Road, on the eastern edge of the Museum Park super neighborhood. While it is about eight blocks from the nearest Metrorail stop (Wheeler Station), the eventual completion of the University Line would place a light rail stop two blocks away at Wheeler and Almeda. The house is convenient to bus lines 11-Almeda, 80-Dowling, and 5-Southmore, as well as the six routes that serve Wheeler Station (1-Hospital, 8-South Main, 25-Wheeler, 60-MacGregor, 65-Bissonnet, & 132-Harwin Limited).

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