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Video: The HAUS Project featured on Permacyclists

The Permacyclists are a couple traveling around the world via bike to have an adventure, raise awareness about environmental issues, and document grass roots environmental projects around the world. They visited the Rosalie Haus on their way south to Mexico and eventually to South America. Green Living in Oil Country – Permacyclists #2 from Permacyclists…

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Press coverage: “Green Living in Oil Country” in The Atlantic

Located on Rosalie Street in downtown Houston, the HAUS co-op is a stunning example of eco-conscious living in action. For the eleven passionate people who live there, it’s more than a home–it’s a way to make a difference. It all began in January 2011, when Paul Schechter purchased a condemned building that had fallen victim…

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Press coverage: “Our HAUS” in the Houston Press

Shrapnel from the city of Houston makes up the kitchen of a weird old house in the Third Ward. Wall tiles come from a torn-down property, and the countertops are thick oak doors that once swung at the Houston Ballet. Jay Blazek Crossley is dicing a small mountain of onions on the doors, helping prepare…

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