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The HAUS Committee on Bandcamp

One of the frequently gratifying (and occasionally just grating) aspects of HAUS Co-op living is the live music. What hasn’t been done much until recently is recording a jam session at uRth HAUS. Check out what a few HAUS members and one Sunday dinner guest cranked out on 23 March 2014. They decided to call…

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FouRth Floor Room Available Soon

Yes, the capital R above in FouRth is intentional, because it has uRth in it. One of our tiny attic rooms (aka The Shire) will be available for a new or returning member after this coming weekend.  The room is large enough for a mattress and a small dresser or bedside table. It’s excellent cheap…

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International Boarding Plan

With great pride and pleasure, uRth HAUS announces a new plan to host internationals moving to Houston for work or study. Individuals from outside the United States may stay at uRth up to three weeks while seeking longer-term housing. Just $200 entitles boarders to the 21-day stay, including food and utilities. Beyond the search for housing,…

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