International Boarding Plan

With great pride and pleasure, uRth HAUS announces a new plan to host internationals moving to Houston for work or study. Individuals from outside the United States may stay at uRth up to three weeks while seeking longer-term housing.

Just $200 entitles boarders to the 21-day stay, including food and utilities. Beyond the search for housing, this will allow visitors to take care of necessary business such as establishing a local bank account and obtaining mobile phone service.

Here is the complete list of details on this program.

Space is not guaranteed! If someone is already boarding during the time you plan to visit, we cannot take on another boarder. Also, the ground floor room is not the most luxurious, but it does provide some privacy. HAUS members know to observe quiet hours between 11 pm and 8 am on weeknights.

This program is currently available only at uRth HAUS, not at Rosalie.

Anyone wishing to participate in this program must apply via the HAUS Project website. Please follow these specific instructions when applying:

  • In the Additional Information section, mention that you are applying for the uRth International Boarding Plan.
  • List the date you hope to arrive.
  • In that same section, include some basic information about yourself, including where you are coming from, what you would be doing in Houston, what languages you speak, hobbies, and habits.
  • Also include the URLs of your Couchsurfing profile and any social networking pages or blogs you maintain. Applicants must have at least three positive references on
  • Accept the conditions about attending two HAUS dinners and paying a $350 deposit, even though participants in this program will not be required to do either before staying at uRth HAUS.

Once the application is submitted, the membership coordinator will consider it and provide a response as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving applications.