More Membership Opportunities at uRth HAUS

Vacancy #1: Third floor “bass room,” $618 a month. We call it the bass room because when we were in the process of purchasing the house, the current tenants were keeping a double bass in it, along with a lot of random stuff.

Vacancy #2: Fourth floor tiny room, $463 a month. We had a new member move into it in mid-April, but he is interested in switching to the second-floor Window Room that will be vacant in a few weeks, thus leaving this little gem open.

Sublet: The other fourth floor tiny room, $463 a month. One of our members will be traveling during the summer, and possibly moving our completely in the fall, so it may turn into full membership.

The two tiny rooms have a common space between them, useful for storing stuff that doesn’t fit in the bedrooms. They also have closets and a small vanity. Full bathrooms are available on the third and second floors.

Don’t forget that we have Associate Memberships available. These are $100 a month, plus the non-refundable $50 membership fee.