Musical Rooms and a Suite Vacancy

Water-heating solar panels top uRth HAUS.

uRth HAUS has just celebrated its first full year of official existence. The original residents signed and submitted their leases on 20 October 2012, with rent payments beginning 1 November 2012. Of the original fifteen, three members have already moved out before their first year was up, and two more are departing now. We are looking for some new members to replace them.

In particular, we would love to have a couple, or a pair of very close friends, or just two people willing to share space, to move into the second-floor suite. The suite has a fireplace (not ready for use as of now) and an adjacent full bath. One resident could claim it for $1,133 a month, or two for about $675 each—groceries and utilities included.

As of this writing, we have one new member due to move in next week. He will likely take over one of the third-floor rooms, but is willing to share the suite with another friendly person. We had another member signed up, but life circumstances are calling her back to her family’s home in another state, at least for a while, and she will not be moving in for now. That leaves one vacancy…or possibly two.

The current occupant of the second-floor suite is looking to move into one of the smaller rooms. That leaves the suite open. The sheer amount of square footage in the suite justifies a monthly rate of about $1,100 for one person, all-inclusive.

It may be difficult to find one person willing and able to pay that much to live in a cooperative dwelling. (The current occupant of the suite is rather unusual, a free-wheeling Bohemian eccentric with a salary and benefits.) We charge about $200 a month for a second person to cover that person’s food, electrical, water, gas, and Internet. In addition, a contractual rent increase of 3% goes into effect soon, pushing the entire cost for two residents up to about $1,350.

HAUS Project welcomes adult applicants of all ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds.