Upper Luna Available

Officially as of November 2014, uRth HAUS’s upper carriage house loft will be available for move-in. The current rent is $633, going up to $651 for 2015. It’s ideal for someone not bringing a lot of stuff—i.e., it’s small, but several residents have made themselves comfortable in it. There is a full bathroom in the carriage house, aka Luna House. Lower Luna has one human and one feline occupant, both excellent neighbors.

Apply here if interested.

Sunday Streets Comes to Museum Park!

Also of note: HAUS Project will be participating in the Third Ward/Museum Park edition of Sunday Streets on 2 November 2014, between noon and 4 pm. The event spans about 20 blocks of the old Third Ward commercial district: Dowling Street between Elgin and Alabama, Alabama Street between Dowling and Almeda, and Almeda Road between Alabama and Arbor Place. We will probably be hosting games involving a parachute, but uRth HAUS, on Ruth Street just east of Almeda, will also have a yard sale. Bargains galore! See you on the Streets next Sunday!