uRth HAUS Joins Museum Park Neighborhood Association

uRth HAUS (1917 Ruth) has opted to take advantage of the benefits of membership in the Museum Park Neighborhood Association (MPNA). The HAUS has purchased a family membership, which entitles it to two voting members at monthly meetings, the same as any other family.

HAUS members Jaime Lawson and David Collins have had some opportunities to converse with officers and other members of MPNA, who have expressed great enthusiasm about HAUS Project. Indeed, there is generally positive feeling among these concerned citizens toward such concepts as urbanism and sustainability; they would like the neighborhood to embody those concepts, in addition to the esthetic and quality-of-life concerns that neighborhood associations typically address. They advocate smart, mixed-use development, with walkability built in.

The Museum Park Super Neighborhood includes the rather amorphous area known as the Museum District, which overlaps some blocks traditionally considered part of Third Ward. It is bound by US-59 to the north, TX-288 to the east, Hermann Park to the south, and Main Street to the west (plus the area around Chelsea Place just west of Main). However, MPNA President Seán Murphy has noted that these boundaries are permeable, and any resident in the Greater Museum Park vicinity is welcome to join.

The Super Neighborhood is loaded with treasures beyond its multiple museums and exhibit spaces. It contains a wealth of historic residential and commercial architecture, more plant life per square mile than most densely populated urban spaces, and Third-Ward gems such as radio station KCOH and the Forward Times newspaper.

MPNA general membership meetings happen on the first Wednesday of each month, usually in the carriage house of the Clayton Library, 5300 Caroline Street between Oakdale and Prospect.