Cooperative, sustainable housing in Houston’s urban core

The HAUS Project was formed in late 2010 to provide affordable, sustainable, cooperative housing in the accessible, urban core of the Houston region within close proximity of Houston’s growing light rail transit system. Our goal is to open 5 green coops in 5 years.

The first house, Rosalie, opened on January 1, 2011 in Midtown and now houses ten people in its ten rooms. We’ve since expanded to include a second 15 bedroom house on Ruth St. We intend to develop houses of various sizes and appropriate for various lifestyle options, including at least one student focused house, and at least one house appropriate for children and families.

We are always looking for future members and are especially looking for people who are excited about living in a community. We are friendly, we come from many different backgrounds, and we love having applicants over to dinner.


Interested or want to learn more?

The mission of HAUS Project is to:

  • Provide affordable housing operated cooperatively by residents.
  • Provide greener, more sustainable lifestyle options.
  • Educate the general public about cooperative organizational principles and greener, more sustainable lifestyle options.
  • Assist other cooperative and sustainable efforts in the Houston region and elsewhere.


Where ?

HAUS Locations

HAUS Locations relative to the proposed Metro Rail system.


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