We strive to be an inclusive community that welcomes all, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or spirituality.

What qualities do we seek in an applicant?

Community Oriented

We are a community, and we contribute more to our HAUS than just our rent check. We seek members who are comfortable and want to opt-in to the co-op community—whether it be social events or just coming to dinner. We encourage a multi-cultural house, and our community is a place where we can share with one another and learn from each other's perspectives. We are also located within the community of the third ward, which is a special area with a rich culture. Beyond respecting the people of this neighborhood, we also seek to be aware of and make an effort to lessen our impact in a community that is undergoing gentrification and suffers from structural inequalities.


Sustainability Focused

Our house is focused on being both ecologically and financially sustainable. Our sustainability officer position focuses on finding new ways to improve our house to be more sustainable. We only serve vegetarian meals and purchase vegetarian ingredients with HAUS funds. We're also working towards financial sustainability through grants and donations, with the intention to keep our housing available to everyone from any background. We hope to find applicants who are excited and motivated to propel this cause and move forward with new methods to improve our sustainability.



HAUS expects all members to treat one another with respect and humanity. This means that we expect our members to be willing to listen to one another's perspective and be understanding, even if it differs from our own. We don't expect everyone to agree on everything, but we seek members who are able to think critically and discuss with one another openly and without judgement.



HAUS strives to be a safe place to transgender members and to those who don't conform to gender binaries. This includes respecting the pronouns preferred by each individual. We also seek to be a safe place to those who don't conform to heteronormative sexuality. Applicants should be respectful of everyone, and open to changing their behavior if necessary.

Responsible and Accountable

Keeping the HAUS running is an effort shared by all members of the house through labor and officer positions. Members are expected to take responsibility for their part, which means contributing labor, and eventually taking an officer position. We have labor teams like gardening, cooking, shopping, and more. We'll help you get started, but you'll have to be responsible in scheduling your time and holding yourself accountable for your own labor.

Communicative and Adaptable

Communication is an important quality in community living, and it's a skill that takes time to develop. We seek members that are able to learn and listen to others and who are willing to adapt their behavior if necessary. This amounts to compromising, as well as giving and accepting feedback; accountability is the responsibility of each member. We have an officer, the Trustee, who is devoted to ensuring communication and personal relationships to ensure that the HAUS is cohesive.  We expect members to work with one another and with the Trustee if necessary to maintain the community of the house.

Our Vacancies - All houses

For a full overview of all our rooms, per house, please check our dedicated pages

Our 3 steps Application Process

  • First encounter

    • Fill Application 1 to present yourself and schedule a first dinner with us.
    • Then come and get a vibe of our house and members.
    • At the end of it, you can schedule with us the next dinner you want to come.
  • 2nd dinner

    • Come to a second dinner with us where you can get more information about us. For this one, we reccomend you to come when we also have a meeting so you can see the coop in action.
    • After that, if you're still interested: fill the Application 2 (references and background check)
  • Vote and deposit

    • Once we receive your Application 2, the house will discuss it, vote, and give you an answer in less than 2 days after your application.
    • If you're accepted, you have 2 days to drop your deposit and the room is yours