NOTE: Applications are accepted at all times for current and future available spots. We are always looking for positive additions to our community!

Please read the following to learn about our membership process:

HAUS practices a modified open membership policy that allows potential residents the opportunity to get to know the house and cooperative living to make an informed decision to join a coop.

uRth has dinners Monday through Wednesday. Rosalie offers dinner Monday through Thursday. Please RSVP to let us know you're coming to dinner by contacting one of the following emails:

What other Co-Opportunities do you offer?

  • Become an Associate Member! As an associate member, you will have access to all common spaces and amenities including but not limited to 4-5 home cooked meals per week and a stocked vegetarian pantry, full kitchen, laundry facilities, urban garden, and internet at the house. Since you will already be plugged into HAUS, when rooms open in the future at Rosalie or Ruth Haus or when we start developing another coop, you will have priority notification of room openings. You are a full member of that house and the HAUS Project. Fill out an Application below to get started and talk to the member coordinators for details.
  • Become a Community Partner! Community Partners are members of the community than want to get involved in a greater capacity or help support the mission but either don’t have the need or ability to commit to an Associate Membership. Benefits include free Sunday Potlucks, participation in the Annual General Meeting, and eligibility for service as a Community Board Representitive. Cost: $35/year.
  • Come Visit! Guests can drop-in anytime for a modest fee of $5 per meal/day visit. We have an overnight guest fee of $7 per day of stay but a host and notice is required to secure accommodations.
  • Let's build a HAUS! Future members of HAUS’ next house who are passionate about sustainability and communal living. These individuals desire to be leaders in the next house and are excited to share their time and energy making the next house a reality. These future members play important decision making roles regarding items such as house policies, and they will have first dibs on bedroom selection in the next house. We have a lot of ideas ranging from a family/child friendly coop to a Veteran's/Senior coop, and probably a million other brilliant ideas we haven't even thought of yet. We need the right people with the right knowledge to get these projects moving in a meaningful way. This is your chance to make something awesome.

Have any further questions? Shoot us an email at membership [at] hausproject [dot] org!