Your donation supports permanently affordable, democratically controlled housing in core neighborhoods of Houston. Our growth means that not only can we serve more community members, but also that our organization becomes more sustainable and has more capacity. An investment in HAUS Project is an investment in permanently affordable housing in Houston.


The more sustainable : recurring donations

For the price of just one coffee per month, you can contribute immensely to the development, preservation and accessibility of one of the oldest neighborhood of Houston.

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Our Sponsors

The following companies sponsor our nonprofit, and we use their awesome products for our daily operations.

All inter-house communication is made possible and easy with Slack! We've created specific channels for regular communication, and can make specific chat spaces for our short and long-term projects. Slack's integration with other software has made planning events, sending polls and surveys, and making our shopping lists a breeze. The added fun of reactions lets us express our individual personalities and even add our own customized emoji reactions for added fun!

Notion makes keeping a knowledge base of policies, guides, and recommendations both easy and accessible!

Zapier is the magic that makes the cooperative run efficiently! It's thanks to Zapier that we have automatic notifications directly from an application submission on this site to our Slack channels. We even use Zapier to send automatic text reminders to applicants on the day of their scheduled dinner. We created Slack summary notifications on charges to our accounts, making our finances transparent to all members. We even have an automated count of the hours each members spends on chore labor tracked on Google sheets to keep ourselves accountable. We have so many more ideas for how to use Zapier to our advantage, and we're excited to keep exploring!

Creating a chat module on the website which connects directly to Slack so all members can answer any website visitor's questions on the spot. This helps everyone get a personal interaction with current members and have questions answered before taking the time to fill out an application. It's so simple and easy for everyone and adds a high-tech personal touch to our small organization.

Google Drive to store files and using Google Groups to redirect emails to ensure all members are kept in the loop for email communications