Food: The members share three to four communal, vegetarian dinners each week, centered around locally grown, seasonal produce. The backyard provides ample space for growing vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees.

Transportation: Residents reduce the number of car trips by bicycling or riding Metro to work, for errands, and to entertainment when possible.

Community: uRth Haus is a diverse community with members from many different backgrounds. We are accepting and affirming of all races, ethnicities, ages (above 21), gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, etc. We are a community that is open and mindful about inclusive language and practices.

Location: Thanks in part to the location, a car-free life is a serious possibility for residents of the house. The house stands just east of Almeda Road, on the eastern edge of the Museum Park super neighborhood.

Housing: uRth HAUS is a historic building that is over 100 years old. There are 13 rooms and 6 shared bathrooms within the main house, and two rooms and one bathroom above our shed. We have a large shared dining room, kitchen, living room, and office space/music room on the first floor.


  • Good food! Staple foods are available to members for all meals
  • Collective, consensus decision-making
  • Conflict resolution with the aid of our Trustee officer
  • Efforts to reduce our "ecological footprint" — reducing waste, efficient use of resources, and reducing dependence on nonrenewable resources
  • Sharing skills and knowledge (gardening, cooking, maintenance, etc.)
  • Opportunities to connect with and learn from co-op members around the country through organizations like NASCO.


  • All members are committed to regular duties that are listed below:
    • Prompt payment of monthly rent (includes utilities, groceries, wifi...everything!)
    • House meetings every other week on Monday night at 8PM
    • 4 hours of labor individually and with labor teams (i.e. cooking, cleaning, shopping, gardening, etc.) assigned as tasks
    • Officer positions, which take a more explicit role in house duties (treasurer, secretary, social, etc.)


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