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Opening at uRth Haus plus updates!

  Hello friends! Currently, we have an opening at uRth. The open room $787/ month which includes rent, food, and utilities for the month! Apply today or email us! uRth has been having a lot of fun recently. We had … Continue reading

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uRth Turnover: More Women, More Diversity

Co-op life poses challenges every single day. Several HAUS members and alumni recently attended annual NASCO conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which included workshops on strategies to handle those challenges. It’s not easy to live in close proximity with so many … Continue reading

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Co-Op Tetris

Ahoy there. This is Dave, membership coordinator for uRth HAUS. An applicant from a few months ago pointed out to me recently that there has been no update on this site’s News section since mid-June. A lot has happened since then. … Continue reading

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Vacancies in July, August, and September

Honestly, it’s not because this co-op isn’t a great place to live, or that the people aren’t great housemates. Other opportunities come along—work, travel, love, family—and, being somewhat nomadic by disposition, we follow those opportunities. Within a couple of months, … Continue reading

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FouRth Floor Room Available Soon

Yes, the capital R above in FouRth is intentional, because it has uRth in it. One of our tiny attic rooms (aka The Shire) will be available for a new or returning member after this coming weekend.  The room is … Continue reading

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International Boarding Plan

With great pride and pleasure, uRth HAUS announces a new plan to host internationals moving to Houston for work or study. Individuals from outside the United States may stay at uRth up to three weeks while seeking longer-term housing. Just $200 … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Carnevale, Saturday 1 March

uRth HAUS announces a community event to be held on Saturday 1 March at 3 pm: Our first ever Carnevale House Tour and Procession. The plan is to invite neighbors from all over Museum Park to visit and tour the … Continue reading

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Musical Rooms and a Suite Vacancy

uRth HAUS has just celebrated its first full year of official existence. The original residents signed and submitted their leases on 20 October 2012, with rent payments beginning 1 November 2012. Of the original fifteen, three members have already moved … Continue reading

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Associate Memberships and Community Partnerships

As of its most recent meeting, the HAUS Project board has drafted, edited, and voted into effect a new standard policy for establishing associate membership and community partnership criteria and privileges. Anyone in the broader community who wishes to support … Continue reading

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HAUS Goes Solar!

Just wanted to announce that both Rosalie HAUS and uRth HAUS now feature solar panels for heating water, as mentioned in this post last month. Thanks to Paul Schechter and the crew he assembled, uRth also got some long-needed work … Continue reading

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