International Boarding Details

  • The plan is to host foreigners coming to Houston to live for work or study until they find a house or flat for rent.
  • No pets will be allowed. In the house there are several cats; the visitor shouldn’t be allergic to them.
  • The foreigner will have to be at least 21 years of age
  • This way uRth HAUS, and HAUS Project in general, would help to introduce international students and workers to the city, promoting the sustainable way of life on which the co-op is based and creating a network of people around the world that would recognize and support us.
  • uRth HAUS members would enjoying the culture, history, gastronomy, traditions, languages of the visitors, contact in their various countries of origin, and perhaps make really good friends!
  • Only one boarder at a time will be accepted.
  • The stay would be limited to 21 days, unless an exceptional extension of the stay is accepted in uRth HAUS’s biweekly business meeting.
  • The total sum of $197 will have to be paid before or during the first 2 days in the house. This will cover the regular boarding fee $7 per day, plus the $50 membership fee (paid only once). The $350 deposit for resident members is not required. If the visitor leaves earlier, the visitor will be reimbursed for the days he or she has not spent at the house.
  • The boarder will have to contribute 5-6 hours of labor or household chores per week (such as cooking and cleaning), as determined by the labor coordinator, and attending the biweekly house meetings that happen on alternating Mondays at 8 pm.
  • The boarder will have access to the four dinners prepared each week and the communal food; Internet, water and electricity are also included. Elements for personal hygiene must be brought by the visitor.
  • The boarder will sleep in the space prepared in the office (unless another place is offered), having a higher level of privacy than sleeping on a couch and not occupying common space such as the living room. The space has a mattress, blankets, and some hangers to put clothes. The toilet on the ground floor will be available; to have a shower, any of the other bathrooms.
  • Although the office will be the boarder’s sleeping space, during the day it will be available for any of the HAUS members to use as an office and music room. Members will respect the quiet hours between 11 pm and 8 am and not use the office during those times.
  • Candidates must apply through the HAUS association webpage, indicating uRth HAUS (Ruth) as the preferred house, agreeing with the statement “I understand that I must pay a $350 deposit, a one-time, non-refundable $50 membership fee, and first month’s rent to secure a room at the HAUS Project,” although the real agreement will be the one stated here and the deposit is waived. In the “Additional Information” space, he or she should mention the “Urth Foreigner Hosting plan.” The boarder will also have to add the URL for his or her Couchsurfing profile and any other social networking page or blog, giving access to it if it’s not visible.
  • The Couchsurfing profile must have at least three positive references for the request to be considered.
  • The application must be submitted at least 16 days in advance of moving in so that the request can be analyzed by the house inhabitants and be discussed in the biweekly meeting. The candidate will know at least 12 days in advance whether the request has been approved.

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