Loft Now, Shire Next Month

By the end of February, a room will be available on third floor of uRth HAUS. This is the amazing Loft Room, which is not large but features an elevated platform for storage, sleeping, or a guest bed. Rent for this room is $731 a month, groceries and utilities included as usual.

There will be an additional vacancy at the end of March/beginning of April, possibly sooner. We don’t know which room will be available, but most likely a fourth-floor (“Shire”) room, with monthly rent in the vicinity of $500. You do not have to be a hobbit, or even look like one, to live in the Shire, but not having a lot of stuff helps.

If you haven’t already applied for HAUS Membership, please consult the Membership page and fill out the online application.

If you have already applied, contact uRth’s Membership Coordinator David Collins via email.