Opening at uRth Haus plus updates!


Hello friends!

Currently, we have an opening at uRth. The open room $787/ month which includes rent, food, and utilities for the month! Apply today or email us!

uRth has been having a lot of fun recently. We had an “uRthsgiving” potluck party with Rosalie and friends which was a great success! Also, two Sagittarius members had birthdays very close together, and we had a get-together at the house followed by¬†going out to Arlo’s! (Side note: Sagittarius + party = perfection)

We would love for anyone interested to come to our house Monday-Wednesday night at 7 for dinner to meet our community and come hang out! More haus pictures coming soon.


With love and cooperation,

Marissa Ramos

Member Co-Coordinator and Board Representative

uRth Haus Cooperative