Two—er, I Mean One Opening at uRth

UPDATE: uRth HAUS appears to have concluded a trade with Rosalie HAUS. One uRth member moved to Rosalie at the beginning of March, and one Rosalite (a Playa 2B Named Later) will be taking over his old room at the beginning of April. That leaves one vacancy at each HAUS.


Two of our original members are officially moving out this weekend, one of them taking over a vacant spot at Rosalie HAUS.

The two-closet room on the second floor rents for $721 a month; the third-floor middle “game room,” (no longer available—dbc, 14 March 2014) for $574. As always, that includes groceries and utilities. The initial deposit for residency is $350, plus the co-op membership fee of $50.

uRth also has openings for four associate members. $100 a month, plus a one-time $50 membership fee, gets you access to the kitchen and laundry facilities.

If you’re interested in resident or associate membership, start with the online application. Read about what membership entails here.