uRth Labor Holiday 27 July

Workers of uRth, unite!

The members of uRth HAUS recently voted on the date of the next labor holiday: Saturday 27 July. Labor holidays are mandatory, day-long opportunities to contribute to the beautification of the house. In this case, the focus will be on painting the interior common areas, although laborers may opt for other chores. For example, the garden can always use a little help. General cleanup around the grounds and a deep-clean of the kitchen are possibilities, both of which goes much more smoothly with a group.

Non-resident members, prospective members, and friends of HAUSmates are also welcome. Hanging out with HAUS is a highly entertaining adventure under any circumstance, and working beside them is very rewarding. Also, we will feed you. There is usually beer. There is also usually some kind of celebration afterward. Even if you can drop by for only part of the day, we appreciate your efforts.

We get started fairly early. Come by around 9 am, dressed for painting. Bring brushes, rollers, or other equipment if you would like to, and make sure to label your stuff with your name or initials.