Vacancies in July, August, and September

Honestly, it’s not because this co-op isn’t a great place to live, or that the people aren’t great housemates. Other opportunities come along—work, travel, love, family—and, being somewhat nomadic by disposition, we follow those opportunities. Within a couple of months, only four of the original fifteen uRth HAUS members will be living there.

All the monthly rents quoted below include utilities and HAUS groceries. They will also increase by approximately 3% at the beginning of 2015. All members, including associate members, must also fulfill the weekly labor requirements to keep the place livable for sixteen residents and their guests.

Sorry, no photos on this post; we’ll try to get some up later. Photos don’t really do these rooms justice anyway; you’re much better off seeing them in person.

Before applying, please consider whether you would like to commit to at least one year. After you have met the HAUS members a couple of times, decide not just whether you can live with them, but whether you would enjoy living and dining and laboring with them for twelve months. In our three-plus years as a co-op, we have not enforced our one-year contracts, because there have always been applicants willing and waiting to replace members who depart. However, the constant moving in & out makes it very difficult to maintain labor schedules, so it adds a lot of work for the Membership Coordinator and the Labor Tsar, who at uRth HAUS happen to be the same person.

At the beginning of July, the suite will be available for one or two residents. The monthly rent is $1133 for one person, $1349 for two.

At or shortly after the beginning of August, the third floor “Loft Room” will be available. It is suitable for one resident, but two who don’t have a lot of possessions could fit in it. The loft can hold a decent-size mattress and two sleepers. Rent: $710 for one person, $925 for two.

At or slightly before the beginning of September, one of the tiny rooms in “The Shire” (fourth floor) will be vacant again. One person gets it for $463; there isn’t enough oxygen in the room for two people. (Just kidding, but seriously, double occupancy is not recommended).

We’re also looking for associate members: There are four positions available. As an associate, for $100 a month, plus the non-refundable $50 membership fee, you can eat four communal dinners a week and do your laundry at uRth.