Press coverage: “Green Living in Oil Country” in The Atlantic

Located on Rosalie Street in downtown Houston, the HAUS co-op is a stunning example of eco-conscious living in action. For the eleven passionate people who live there, it’s more than a home–it’s a way to make a difference.

It all began in January 2011, when Paul Schechter purchased a condemned building that had fallen victim to flooding. He renovated it in full eco-style, with a suite of low-cost and creative green building features. Today’s the house’s residents epitomize green living in everything from the food they eat (all locally grown) to the water they drink (fed from a rainwater catchment system) and the car they drive (run on vegetable oil). Perhaps most importantly, they share every resource and divide every task evenly–proving that group living can be green and fun.

Full Story: Green Living in Oil Country
Source: The Atlantic, November 29, 2011

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