Energy Conservation

  • RosalieHAUS has a total of 9 heating and cooling zones. Each bedroom is individually-zoned with high SEER mini-split air conditioners so members can choose their own comfort level and turn off units that are not being used.  While Ruth HAUS was not able to be split into every bedroom, it is equipped with a mix of multiple room/common space zones and some personal zones that will still greatly increase the demand-side efficiency of the house.
  • The houses are insulated with spray foam insulation where possible, which makes a complete air and moisture seal to prevent drafts, as well as very high R-value insulation board in spaces that border outside walls.
  • All appliances are Energy Star qualified and all light bulbs are low-energy CFLs (hopefully LEDs coming soon).
  • Tankless water heaters are placed in most bathrooms so there is
  • inimal distance to hot water loads, and therefore minimal hot water waste. Furthermore, tankless systems heat on demand so there are no unnecessary stand-by losses, which must then be cooled by the home’s AC system.
  • While there is a dryer at RuthHAUS, both houses have clotheslines and Rosalie is discussing a coin-op clothes dryer that would pay for carbon offsets as well as additional sustainability related upgrades to the house.
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