Material ReUse

  • 150 boards (2”x6”x12’) were salvaged from a house that was being torn down.  The
    owner was burning the wood as fast as he could remove it, until we reclaimed the material.  We subsequently de-nailed the wood and used it to frame walls and increase the depth of the roof rafters, so the insulation depth could be increased.
  • We obtained a great deal of material from the Houston ReUse warehouse, including the following:
    • Four large, solid oak doors, which were cut to size and 
      used to create our kitchen countertops.
    • A variety of different tiles, none of which was large enough for a single-colored floor or backsplash.  Therefore, we got creative and designed our kitchen backsplash with several different tile types.
    • Our shower surround was also built with reused tiles.
    • Our kitchen cabinet doors and a few interior doors and mirrors.
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