Material ReUse (cont.)

  • The stairway rail was not up to code because the space in between rails was greater than 4”.  Therefore we salvaged a wrought iron fence that was being thrown-out next door and had a welder cut the fence bars to the appropriate size and weld them in between each existing guard rail, to bring it up to code.
  • We used reclaimed hardwood (from Jay’s parents apartment that was being torn down) to build newly refinished floors in 4 bedrooms.
  • Many electrical outlets, light switches and light fixtures were taking from the same apartment and reused.
  • We have obtained thousands of bottle caps and wine corks, and plan to make two hallway floors (currently left unfinished) from these reclaimed materials.
  • Our mailbox in the house is a re-purposed wine rack
  • The library shelves were made from a combination of two shelves diverted from the dump by ReUse Warehouse and leftover shiplap.
  • Out of some leftover wrought iron fence, we had a giant custom bike rack welded for our garage.
  • Discarded bricks on the way to the dump became a beautiful walkway.
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